Green energy
ICT in Luxembourg

Several Luxembourg data centres are powered by 100 % green electrical energy (wind or hydraulic). Also, a number of new initiatives have been implemented to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, such as the principle of cogeneration with the Kiowatt project. Continuous investment ensures that Luxembourg has modern infrastructure with a focus on network stability and security.

In addition, Luxembourg hosts around 200 cleantech companies, working in renewable energy, waste management, water treatment and eco-construction. Their efforts are supported by public agencies and research institutes. Under the Government’s Clean Technology Action Plan, a private initiative backed by the Ministry of the Economy, is building a dedicated zone where cleantech companies can establish operations and access necessary services and infrastructure. 


Electrical power and pricing 

Luxembourg is connected to the European grid via fully independent circuits, each of them capable of assuming the entire electricity needs of the whole country. Luxembourg’s electricity grid has a redundant connection to its neighbouring countries. It only produces electrical energy for auxiliary use, with the bulk of energy bought on the European Energy Exchange. This provides companies based in Luxembourg with a wide choice  regarding the type and origin of energy they want to consume.

It also results in a very competitive energy pricing, compared to other European cities. 

The graph below shows the reliability of electrical supply in Luxembourg. Importantly, the average length of annual power outages lowest. 

Reliability of the electricity supply

Luxembourg is the EU's number 1 in a comparison indicating the average annual power outage time for clients connected to the power grid.

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