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ICT in Luxembourg

Luxembourg boasts some of the most modern data centre infrastructure in Europe, with low latency connections to all of the major European Internet hubs. 23 data centres are in operation, totalling a net floor space of 46,761m², giving this small country one of the highest data centre densities in the world.

Ultra low latency hub

Luxembourg has direct links in place to all the Internet exchanges (AMS-DC, LINX, DE-CIX), as well at data centres such as Equinix, Telecity, EU networks, Interxion.

Two-thirds of Luxembourg’s data centre floor space meets the highest Tier IV specifications and it has become a leader in the Tier IV segment.

Luxembourg leads all OECD countries in terms of the number of communication access paths, with 217 per 100 inhabitants. These include analogue, ISDN lines, DSL cable modem, fibre and mobile subscribers.

Luxembourg data centres

Source: Luxembourg Government, Media and Communications Service


Nr Data centre name Net floor space m2 Net floor space ft2 Design Documents Constructed Facility - Faul
        II III IV IV
1 BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe) Junglinster 200 2,153      
2 BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe) Kirchberg 1,000 10,764      
3 BT 800 8,611      
4 CEGECOM - Artelis 200 2,153      
5 CETREL 410 4,413      
6 EBRC Resilience Centre City 1 500 5,382      
7 EBRC Resilience Centre City 2 1,000 10,764      
8 EBRC Resilience Centre West 5,000 53,820      
9 EBRC Resilience Centre South 5,000 53,820    
10 EBRC European Reliance Centre East 5,000 53,820    
11 EDH (European Data Hub) 5,511 59,320      
12 LAB DataVault PSF 2,100 22,604      
13 LuxConnect DC 1.1 
colocated: Arianesoft, CEGECOM-Artelis, Conostix, Data4 Luxembourg, IBM, Netline, Orange Business Services, Simac PSF, Systemat, TLPO, Téléphonie, Telindus Telecom
3,100 33,368      
14 LuxConnect DC 1.2
colocated: Datacenter Luxembourg, Data4 Luxembourg, Solido, Systemat, TPLO
1,300 13,993      
15 LuxConnect DC 1.3 5,500 59,202  
16 LuxConnect DC 2
colocated: Agil-IT, CEGECOM-Artelis, Conostix, Datacenter Luxembourg, IBM, Rcarré, Root, Systemat, TLPO, Telindus
4,800 51,667    
17 DATA4 Luxembourg 
colocated: Datacenter Luxembourg
750 8,073      
18 SES 500 5,382      
19 Sungard 1,000 10,764      
20 Le Freeport
colocated: TLPO DC3 freeport
300 3,229      
21 TLPO DC4 100 1,076      
22 Verizon  2,390 25,726      
23 Visual Online 300 3,229      
  Net floor space Luxembourg 2015 46,761  503,335 8 8 8 3
  Certified by Uptime Institute     2   7 3

Luxembourg’s infrastructure strength is helping it lead next-generation developments in cloud computing which is providing transparent, on-demand infrastructure, applications and services from remote servers on a pay-per-use basis. It is becoming an increasingly pervasive technology choice as organisations seek to reduce cost and operational benefits regarding the development and maintenance of infrastructure.

Electricity prices are often the most important factor in the total operational costs. Luxembourg has invested heavily the last couple of years in order to maximise the energy efficiency of its data centres. 

In combination with the EU’s reliable electricity grid and low energy prices, this has proved to be a key success factor for the sustained growth of Luxembourg’s data centres.


Data centre service providers


On the governance side, Luxembourg data centres invested heavily in their setup and are now being recognised for best practises, certified procedures, and security aspects.  

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