ICT in Luxembourg
Why Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s strong performance, even during global economic downturns, is founded on shrewd policies. Diversification has been a priority since the 1960s, when the country began to move away from its reliance on the steel industry into high-tech manufacturing and banking.

Today’s economy is a balanced blend of financial services, high value-added manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, communications and logistics services, with a focus on providing cross-border solutions and exporting throughout the EU and beyond.

The country’s ICT strategy is based on a successful track record in content distribution, a reputation as a reliable business centre, ultra-high bandwidth Internet infrastructure, target companies and activities, and global brands operating out of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a prime, thriving ICT location due to a combination of modern Tier IV data centres, low energy prices, a reliable electricity grid, excellent connectivity,  strong data protection measures, green energy initiatives, and advantageous funding options. 

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