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Of the more than half-million people living in the country, around half are born outside the country and of the 372,047 people working here, 45% are non-resident commuters. Thus two-thirds of the workforce originates from outside the country, making it a true melting pot of cultures and nationalities.

The country boasts the highest per capita income in the OECD, strong growth in financial sector employment and a well-capitalised domestic banking system.

Luxembourg is one of the few countries worldwide with a AAA credit rating from the three main rating agencies Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch.

The world's top countries for high-skilled employment

Countries with the largest share of people in high-skilled employment in 2015*

* Persons employed in occupations with third-level education requirements as a percentage of total employed, both sexes.
Sources: World Economic Forum, International Labour Organisation


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