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Luxembourg is committed to developing a consistent strategy for lifelong learning, in the spirit that every person should be given the chance to enhance his/her knowledge and skills. The training on offer covers different fields and activities. It also contributes to the continuous development of e-skills and technical expertise.

The National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training (INFPC) is a public institution and manages and coordinates the portal. This web portal offers a large selection of resources and services in the field of continuing vocational training. It presents an extensive list of training courses (more than 6,000) carried out in Luxembourg by different institutions and organisations.

The INFPC also helps companies applying for financial support from the Government regarding their training activities.

Companies from the private sector legally established and active in Luxembourg, can get training aid amounting to 20% of the taxable annual amount invested.

Many sectorial organisations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Employees or the Association of Banks and Bankers (ABBL) also offer specialised training in their respective fields. 

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