Electronic content distribution

Luxembourg has become the European home to some of the giants in electronic content distribution (music, video, games).

The Rakuten Group offers a wide range of e-commerce services, with "Rakuten" being the largest online shopping mall in Japan. It has expanded its business into online travel reservation, consumer finance, online security brokerage, a portal site, as well as a professional sports business, mainly in Japan. In 2012, Rakuten chose Luxembourg as its IT centre; its e-commerce platform and its international connectivity are both based in the country. This entity supports the development of the group’s online shopping mall platform "Rakuten" in Europe. At a later stage, it planned for the Luxembourg entity to also serve as a central platform for logistics and R&D activities. 

Toronto-based Kobo (owned by Rakuten), a global leader in e-readers also has offices in Luxembourg.

Amazon runs a large Kindle operations team out of Luxembourg that is responsible for the sales and marketing of all their e-reading devices to Europe.

Valve Corporation is an American video game development and digital distribution company, and its European-based office has been operating in Luxembourg since 2012. The developer of some of the most critically-acclaimed games, the company continues to expand its business from Luxembourg. 

Big Fish Games, the world’s largest developer and distributor of casual fun games has a regional office for Europe in Luxembourg. 

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