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New data center study: Luxembourg in pole position

08 March 2013

Ip-label, leader of measuring IT performance, recently compared nine high-availability data centers throughout the world, from which four are located in Luxembourg. The analysis aimed at studying if the huge investments done by Luxembourg in the development of connectivity and data centers achieved the expected results and how these performances relate to those of other countries. The results were published exclusively by Soluxions Magazine.

Without aiming to be exhaustive, the survey compares four Luxembourg operators to five renowned international players, primarily British and American data centers: Data Center Luxembourg (Luxembourg), eBRC (Luxembourg), IBM Amsterdam (Netherlands), IP-Exchange (Germany), Rackspace (USA), Softlayer (USA), Telecity London (United Kingdom), Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator (Luxembourg) and Telindus Telecom (Luxembourg).
How have the data centers been compared? Comparative indicators, based on actual usage and needs of the final user, were defined and a range of websites hosted by the data centers were evaluated.
The robots of IP-Label simulated a user wishing to connect to a website, and recorded the time corresponding to the delivery of the first data of the website. 63 websites were surveyed between 4 December 2012 and 14 January 2013, which makes a total of 5,984,000 of tests.

Tests to reach these websites were performed every 5 minutes with 22 robots located in Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw), North and South America (Montreal, New York, San Jose, Sao Paulo), Asia (Bangalore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Tokyo) and Oceania (Sydney).

A strict and systematic control was performed on all the results, so that access failures or performance degradations due to any temporary and exceptional problems, or maintenance issues of a particular website, did not penalize the results of performance.

The first indicator that was defined was the availability rate and consisted in the number of successful tests.
The second indicator, the performance rate, went further and analyzed the delay by which the data from the requested website was received.
Luxembourg data centers did very well in this benchmark by mostly outperforming their UK and US competitors:

*coefficient applying a weighted factor of 2/3 to the availability rate and of 1/3 to the performance rate.

Based on an article published in Soluxions magazine. A short version of the original article in French is available on:

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